Sunday, September 21, 2008

No offense, but you DON'T love America more than we do.

i can say that for a long time, i've been interested in politics and have tried to keep up with what's going on in this country, but only this past year i've become so passionate about the subject, i actually watch MSNBC and CNN on the regular (the daily show on comedy central is my fav, you can call it biased, but john stewart does not lie. plus he's hilarious).. anyways.. this whole new-found love of mine can be attributed to two main factors:

1) a consistently worsening position this country holds in this world economically, socially, environmentally.. the list goes on.
2) becoming increasingly inspired by a man who represents MY values and ideals in this crazy world - mr. obama.

so after watching some of the RNC speeches, and amidst the countless "Country first" signs and incessant "U! S! A!" chants, i became shockingly aware of a disturbing truth which inspired this note: MANY conservatives (safe to say 100% of those at the RNC and.. the south) have this insane mentality that they LOVE this country more than us liberals, that they are more patriotic, more "American", etc.

Now, part of this is rooted in the basic fact that we liberals have consistently questioned the countless inane decisions (which i will get into below) this current administration has made. These people believe it is more important to blindly follow an imbecile catering to the special interests that truly rule this country, because questioning your president makes you "UN-AMERICAN".
well, to you fuckers, i strongly disagree. the reason we question these decisions is because we love this country. fucking love this country. and we care enough to want our country's status in the world to improve. to put it simply: HOW THE FUCK CAN WE PROGRESS AS A SOCIETY UNLESS WE QUESTION OUR LEADERSHIP?

so moving forward... i can't touch on everything, nor am i well versed to the extent i can go into too much detail. but these are my opinions based on the facts that i am aware of, on a few of our most important issues:

foreign policy
okay. this topic is loaded so i'll go into a couple very basic concepts: Iraq. The U.S. has spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the past few years for........ does anyone remember why we started this war? terrorists? Here we are, five years later, and we're still fighting angry muslim insurgents spawned from a hatred for our baseless war and forced government (in case you forgot, no one in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11). By the way, a nifty fact: the new Iraqi government OUR genius bush administration put in power has publicly stated that they FAVOR Obama's plan for the gradual return of our troops. Regardless of why this war really started, you right-wing assholes are stupid to think it's "un-american" to pull out now. Young, poor kids suckered into our military are dying constantly (not to mention an estimated 90,000+ deaths of Iraqi civilians) for a war that will accomplish nothing but prove we can win a war. So if you think you're more patriotic, I disagree. I think the lives of American kids (since Iraqi lives won't concern you) are more important than your false nationalist pride.

economic policy
so a quick recap: the fundamental difference between republican and democratic economic policy is deregulation vs. regulation by the government. Democrats feel the government should have more involvement in the country's business operations, while republicans go the other way.. one point on this: it can be argued that our current mortgage/housing crisis could have been prevented with firmer regulations on the mortgage brokers and lenders who approved the subprime mortgages that led to over a million foreclosures.. another point: the only benefactors of deregulation are rich corporate bigshots, who have also received the bonus of bush tax cuts that mccain supports (cuts to the richest Americans), a tax plan proposed to benefit the entire country through what republicans call the "trickle down" effect. Well, 8 years later, unemployment is almost 2% higher, the national deficit is doubled, and the ever-expanding gap between the rich and the poor has.. well, expanded. looks to me like ain't shit trickling down in this country but more debt..and the fat cats are gettin fatter.. i don't know the statistics, but you probably wouldn't be surprised about what % of rich, white, American men are registered republicans. anyways, the fact is conservative fiscal policies and the bush tax cuts have not helped the middle and lower classes, but only hurt them. Do you right-wingers really love America more? then why isn't the properity of AMERICANS your top concern?

health care
so you've probably heard obama wants to de-privatize health insurance.. i donno about you, but making health care available to everyone in the country sounds like a pretty good idea. but, it can't be that simple right? Well, Canada doesn't seem to have a problem providing health insurance to every citizen. and although obama's tax plan calls for a raise to the richest (income >250,000), i would gladly accept an increase in my tax rate for the purpose of insuring poor kids in ghettos who don't come close to affording it now.. call me un-american.

okay, so this note ended up getting a little longer than i anticipated.. so i'm gonna cut it short here.. the reason i wrote this note was not to tell you "i'm right, you're wrong, i'm compassionate, you're an asshole, i'm intelligent, you're.. the south". i apologize if that was the message that came across.. but the main point i've been trying to get across is that to the conservative (probably none of whom will read this post) who rationalizes supporting a political force that has proven to hurt this country in every which way possible, by believing that you love america more, and are more patriotic than me... you are a fucking hypocrite.

good day, sir.

Friday, July 18, 2008

motion to enter..

... so this is the first post.. not sure what to do with this just yet, since i've never had a blog or even really read other people's blogs much.. but with so much inside, why not let it out.. in whatever form it chooses. so here's what's comin out at 2:42AM:

an idea on his mind he wants to release
with so much complication in life how can he find inner peace
work, money, the future, where's he at in this master plan?
what's the end in the end, does he even understand?
tormented by his true desires, he explodes with frustration
mental anguish from abandoning his only inspiration
imprisoned by mirror images in a cookie-cutter corporation
he searches for an escape, with a pathetic desperation
when all the time, it was so prominent in his mind
an exercise of expression, to alleviate the pressure
a revelation he discovers, measure by measure
the harmony of the strings delivers exactly what his conscience demands
unquestionable happiness in a 3-piece garage band.